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Application portability with HIP

Many scientific applications run on AMD-equipped computing platforms and supercomputers, including Frontier, the first Exascale system in the world. These applications, coming from a myriad of science domains, were ported to run on AMD GPUs using the Heterogeneous-compute Interface for Portability (HIP) abstraction layer. HIP enables these High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities to transition their CUDA codes to run and take advantage of the latest AMD GPUs. The effort involved in porting these scientific applications varies from a few hours to a few weeks and largely depends on the complexity of the original source code. Figure 1 shows several examples of applications that have been ported and the corresponding porting effort.

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AMD Instinctâ„¢ MI200 GPU memory space overview

Note: This blog was previously part of the AMD lab notes blog series.

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