ROCm Blogs

AMD ROCm™ Blogs

Applications & models

LLM inference optimizations

Software optimization techniques to deploy state-of-the-art LLMs on AMD CDNA2 GPUs

Stable Diffusion (ONNX Runtime)

Efficient image generation with Stable Diffusion models and ONNX Runtime using AMD GPUs

3D scene mapping using NeRF

Two-dimensional images to three-dimensional scene mapping using NeRF on an AMD GPU

LLM fine-tuning with JAX

LLM distributed supervised fine-tuning with JAX

Scale AI applications with Ray

AMD has been working with Ray to provide support on ROCm

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Software tools & optimizations

Register pressure

Register pressure in AMD CDNA2 GPUs

Jacobi solver

Implementation of the Jacobi solver with both HIP and OpenMP offloading

Matrix cores

Accelerating GEMM computations using AMD’s matrix core technology

GPU-aware MPI

Leveraging various GPU-aware MPI implementations with ROCm

MI200 memory space

Overview of the AMD Instinct MI200 memory space

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