Posts tagged Reinforcement Learning

Panoptic segmentation and instance segmentation with Detectron2 on AMD GPUs

This blog gives an overview of Detectron2 and the inference of segmentation pipelines in its core library on an AMD GPU.

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GPU Unleashed: Training Reinforcement Learning Agents with Stable Baselines3 on an AMD GPU in Gymnasium Environment

This blog will delve into the fundamentals of deep reinforcement learning, guiding you through a practical code example that utilizes an AMD GPU to train a Deep Q-Network (DQN) policy within the Gymnasium environment.

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ResNet for image classification using AMD GPUs

In this blog, we demonstrate training a simple ResNet model for image classification on AMD GPUs using ROCm on the CIFAR10 dataset. Training a ResNet model on AMD GPUs is simple, requiring no additional work beyond installing ROCm and appropriate PyTorch libraries.

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